Travel to Venice

Traveling to Venice is easy and it is worth whatever you have to do get there because it is one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Venice has all the conveniences of modern times but the city still keeps the ambience of the past times. If you are planning to holiday in Venice, one of the things that you should pay attention to is getting there.




 Venice, Veneto, Italy. Panorama from the top of the San Giorgio Maggiore Basilica's campanile. On the right the Saint Mark's Basin, continued to the left by the Giudecca Canal. On the opposite bank, the Saint Mark's Square. Photo by Tango7174.


  Getting to Venice

Depending on where you are on planet earth, travel to Venice can be done by plane, trains or car. When you arrive in Italy, there are lots of methods in which you may get to Venice and one of the easiest and fastest would certainly be by means of plane from the Marco Polo Flight terminal. In fact, the airport could possibly be considered as a tourist attraction itself because of its high-tech establishments. The airport system is traveler friendly and was built to not be confounding to foreign visitors. It has 2 floors, the ground floor mainly reserved for various rental firms, workdesks for water-taxi bookings, booths with people to answer questions, escorts and guides, a location for mass transit and kiosks for traveler information while the very first flooring is where the gates for departures in addition to the duty-free area that offers several Italian products for easy purchasing.


Venice from space

View of Venice. From Astronaut Photography of Earth, Image Science and Analysis Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center.


If you are going to travel to Venice from the United States, it is best to fly Delta Airways since they are the only one that has direct flight. From JFK airport in New york city, you could fly straight to Venice without much inconvenience yet if you are ariving from other regions in the States, you can have linking flights to some other cities in European like London, Rome, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, or Amsterdam off to Venice.


Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy.

Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy. Photo by RUI Sousa.


The Train from Rome to Venice is an experance you will never forget. If you are originating from neighboring urban areas such as Rome, Milan, Treviso, Florence or Padua, you can easily take the train into the Santa Lucia railway station. Because Venice is serviced by nationwide and also regional train lines, you can reach the city in no time. Yet if you want to get there by auto, you will certainly have a significant issue considering that Venice is essentially built on water, it is a "no automobile area". Nevertheless, you may still get near Venice making use of the vehicle just up to the terminal making use of the bridge Ponte della Liberta arising from Mestre. From there, you can easily park your car and also take the ferryboat from Lido then you will have to take the "vaporetti" off to Venice.


Venice's Vaporetto

Venice's Vaporetto by Andreas56.


When you travel to Venice, the main thing that you need to think about is the length of time you will be in the city, it is best to know when is the best time to go to Venice so you can enjoy just about every thing the city has.


The Train from Rome to Venice.

Train travel is the way to go. The train from Rome to Venice takes about 4 to 6 hours. The Eurostar Fast train is the fastest but it is also the most expensive. Be sure to check the train's final denistation, some don't go all the way to the Santa Luci Station in Venice. Trains run between Rome Termini and Venice Santa Lucia train stations but some only go to Mestre station.

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