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How do Plants Make Oxygen? Ask Cyanobacteria

By photosearth / March 31, 2017

Researchers reveal the family tree of the group of microorganisms responsible for “inventing” the oxygen-producing photosynthesis that lets you breathe News Writer:  Robert Perkins Oxyphotobacteria in microbial mats in Yellowstone. Credit: Fischer Laboratory/Caltech The ability to generate oxygen through photosynthesis—that helpful service performed by plants and algae, making life possible for humans and animals on […]


Caltech Grad Student Wins Hertz Fellowship

By photosearth / March 28, 2017

Preston Cosslett Kemeny will receive full funding for his research for up to five years News Writer:  Robert Perkins Preston Cosslett Kemeny Credit: Michael Wong Caltech graduate student Preston Cosslett Kemeny has been selected by the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation to receive a 2017 Hertz Fellowship. Twelve students were selected to receive the award […]


Study: Cold Climates and Ocean Carbon Sequestration

By photosearth / March 15, 2017

Deep-sea corals reveal why atmospheric carbon was reduced during colder time periods News Writer:  Robert Perkins Tony Wang (left) and Jess Adkins (right) with samples of Desmophyllum dianthus fossils. Credit: Caltech We know a lot about how carbon dioxide (CO2) levels can drive climate change, but how about the way that climate change can cause […]


Three New Minerals Discovered in a Unique Meteorite

By photosearth / March 7, 2017

Same meteorite contains the only known naturally occurring quasicrystals—solid matter with symmetries once thought impossible News Writer:  Robert Perkins The new minerals were found in a tiny fragment of the Khatyrka meteorite, seen here in a backscattered electron image. Credit: Chi Ma/Caltech Researchers led by mineralogist Chi Ma have identified three new minerals in a […]


Computer Model Shows Breakup of Iceberg Logjams

By photosearth / March 2, 2017

Model focuses on triggers for seasonal ice breakup that could improve accuracy of sea-level rise predictions News Writer:  Robert Perkins Credit: B. Minchew/Caltech Projections of how much the melting of ice sheets will contribute to sea-level rise can vary by several meters based on the rate of iceberg calving at the edges of those ice […]