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JPL News: Mars Rover Curiosity Examines Possible Mud Cracks

By photosearth / January 21, 2017

The network of cracks in this Martian rock slab called “Old Soaker” may have formed from the drying of a mud layer more than 3 billion years ago. The view spans about 3 feet (90 centimeters) left-to-right and combines three images taken by the MAHLI camera on the arm of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover. Credit: […]


Tools and Techniques to Track and Study Methane

By photosearth / January 20, 2017

News Writer:  Robert Perkins A methane plume spotted in the Four Corners region by the TOPDOWN campaign Credit: Caltech How do you find, track, and quantify the release of a colorless and odorless gas? Methane is less prevalent in the atmosphere than fellow greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), but it presents more difficult challenges for […]


‘The Hunt for Planet Nine’ Featured on 60 Minutes

By photosearth / January 10, 2017

On January 8, the CBS television program 60 Minutes included a segment called “The Hunt for Planet 9,” featuring Caltech’s Mike Brown, the Richard and Barbara Rosenberg Professor and professor of planetary astronomy, and Konstantin Batygin, assistant professor of planetary science. The piece looks back at Pluto’s loss of planetary status and explains how Brown […]