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Satellites Observe “Traffic Jams” in Antarctic Ice Stream Caused by Tides

By photosearth / December 20, 2016

News Writer:  Robert Perkins Research on Antarctic ice streams by Caltech's Brent Minchew and Mark Simons built on their previous work in Iceland, pictured here. Credit: B. Minchew/Caltech For the first time, researchers have closely observed how the ocean’s tides can speed up or slow down the speed of glacial movement in Antarctica. The new […]


Lessons from Aliso Canyon

By photosearth / December 17, 2016

News Writer:  Robert Perkins Patricia Tavormina, associate research scientist at Caltech, removes a small amount of soil from the frozen samples, for DNA extraction. Even as little as a half gram of soil can provide information on thousands of different bacterial species. [VIEW THE SLIDESHOW] Credit: Caltech As the saying goes, every cloud has a […]


JPL News: From Monterey Bay to Europa

By photosearth / December 8, 2016

JPL's Steve Chien with several of the underwater drones used in a research project earlier this year. Chien, along with his research collaborators, are developing artificial intelligence for these drones. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech If you think operating a robot in space is hard, try doing it in the ocean. Saltwater can corrode your robot and block […]