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Ditch Day? It’s Today, Frosh!

By photosearth / May 28, 2016

Ditch Day 2015 Credit: Caltech Today we celebrate Ditch Day, one of Caltech’s oldest traditions. During this annual spring rite—the timing of which is kept secret until the last minute—seniors ditch their classes and vanish from campus. Before they go, however, they leave behind complex, carefully planned out puzzles and challenges—known as “stacks”—designed to occupy […]


Gilmartin Named Dean of Undergraduate Students

By photosearth / May 27, 2016

News Writer:  Jon Nalick Kevin Gilmartin Credit: Caltech On July 1, 2016, Kevin Gilmartin, professor of English, will begin serving as Caltech’s dean of undergraduate students. In announcing Gilmartin’s appointment, Joseph E. Shepherd, vice president for student affairs and the C. L. Kelly Johnson Professor of Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering, described him as “an accomplished […]


The Pernicious Myth of Perpetual Economic Growth

By photosearth / May 16, 2016

Nothing grows forever. The myth the economy can is destroying the biosphere. By Dr. Glen Barry The present human condition is predicated on one of the biggest lies ever – that the economy can grow indefinitely. In a self-serving logical contortion, economists in service to the oligarchy measure the well-being... EcoInternet


On Ecology and Going Back to the Land

By photosearth / May 9, 2016

Life begets life, making Earth livable. — Dr. Glen Barry Not much new land is being made, yet land’s well-being is central to the well-being of human and all life. On land, in a miraculous act of biological emergence, plants and animals have naturally evolved and self-organized to form ecosystems... EcoInternet


Seven from Caltech Elected to National Academy of Sciences

By photosearth / May 4, 2016

News Writer:  Lori Dajose Credit: National Academy of Sciences Three Caltech professors and four Caltech alumni have been elected to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The announcement was made Tuesday, May 3. Raymond Deshaies is a professor of biology, investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and executive officer for molecular biology. Deshaies’s […]


Embrace the Coming Ecological Inflection Point and Great Transition

By photosearth / May 1, 2016

Environmental awareness must soon reach a critical mass, whereby massive societal resources are re-allocated to scale up solutions in a great ecological transition; before biosphere, social, and economic collapse become unavoidable. An approaching ecological inflection point reflects a narrow band of opportunity to repair fragmented, quivering nature, clearly at its... EcoInternet – Earth Blog