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Geophysicist David G. Harkrider Dies

By photosearth / February 23, 2016

News Writer:  Lori Dajose David G. Harkrider David G. Harkrider, professor of geophysics, emeritus, at Caltech and an expert in seismological wave propagation, passed away on Tuesday, February 16, 2016. He was 84. Born on September 25, 1931 in Houston, Texas, Harkrider received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Rice University in 1953 and 1957, […]


A New Twist on the History of Life

By photosearth / February 19, 2016

News Writer:  Ker Than Red arrow shows apparent polar wander path for Gondwanaland during End Ediacaran and Early and Middle Cambrian period (approximately 560-495 million years ago). Credit: Image courtesy of J. Kirschvink/Caltech The idea that the wholesale relocation of Earth’s continents 520 million years ago, also known as “true polar wander,” coincided with a […]


Geobiologist Honored by National Academy of Sciences

By photosearth / February 5, 2016

News Writer:  Lori Dajose Credit: Donna Coveney/MIT Dianne Newman, professor of biology and geobiology at Caltech and an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, has been awarded the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Award in Molecular Biology for her “discovery of microbial mechanisms underlying geologic processes.” The award citation recognizes her for “launching the […]


White House Puts Spotlight on Earthquake Early-Warning System

By photosearth / February 4, 2016

News Writer:  Katie Neith The earthquake early warning (EEW) UserDisplay in action for a scenario M7.8 earthquake. The most intense colors correspond to very strong ground shaking. The banner on top shows expected shaking at the user site. The number “14” on the left indicates warning time, and the expected intensity at the user site […]