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Summer Interns Return with a World of Experiences

By photosearth / September 30, 2015

News Writer:  Shayna Chabner McKinney View full-size version Credit: Lance Hayashida/Caltech Caltech undergraduate students returned to campus this week, many after spending the summer working at companies in biotechnology, technology, and finance, among other fields. These students have had the opportunity to learn firsthand about the career opportunities and paths that may be available to […]


New Courses for the 2015–16 School Year

By photosearth / September 29, 2015

News Writer:  Lori Dajose A manuscript from The Old English Orosius dated between the years 892 and 925. Credit: The British Library The start of the 2015–2016 school year brings not only new freshmen and faculty, but also new courses. Several new classes have been added in the Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences. […]


Getting the Lead Out

By photosearth / September 22, 2015

News Writer:  Douglas Smith In his sleuthing for trace amounts of lead, Caltech geochemist Clair Patterson redistills a reagent in this 1957 photograph. He didn’t trust the purity of commercial chemicals. Credit: Caltech E&S Magazine, Volume 60, Number 1, 1997 Caltech geochemist Clair Patterson (1922–1995) helped galvanize the environmental movement 50 years ago when he […]


Flowing Electrons Help Ocean Microbes Gulp Methane

By photosearth / September 18, 2015

News Writer:  Jessica Stoller-Conrad Electron microscopy (left), and nanoSIMS analyses (right) of slices of individual microbial consortia allowed for unambiguous identification and analysis of thousands of individual cells. nanoSIMS images such as this one give a quantitative picture of the isotopic composition of each cell, and in turn, a measure of each cell's biosynthetic activity […]


Europe’s Refugee Crisis: Mass Migration is Biosphere Collapse

By photosearth / September 14, 2015

Mass migration is biosphere collapse Refugees flowing into Europe and elsewhere globally are the direct result of over-population, ecosystem collapse, climate change, militarism and inequity. Mass migration has the potential to overrun entire societies and human civilization, and even threatens to collapse the biosphere. Migration must be controlled; and refugees and economic migrants assisted to […]


Where to Land Mars 2020: A Conversation with Ken Farley

By photosearth / September 8, 2015

News Writer:  Kimm Fesenmaier Ken Farley in his laboratory inspecting vacuum lines used to extract and purify noble gases for measurement of rock ages. Credit: Lance Hayashida/Caltech In August 2015, more than 150 scientists interested in the exploration of Mars attended a conference at a hotel in Arcadia, California, to evaluate 21 potential landing sites […]


Yung Receives Prize for Planetary Science Research

By photosearth / September 2, 2015

News Writer:  Lori Dajose Yuk Yung, the Smits Family Professor of Planetary Science, has received the 2015 Gerard P. Kuiper Prize from the American Astronomical Society’s Division for Planetary Sciences. The prize, given for outstanding contributions to the field of planetary science, recognizes Yung’s work on atmospheric photochemistry, global climate change, radiative transfer, atmospheric evolution, and […]