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$100 Million Gift from Gordon and Betty Moore Will Bolster Graduate Fellowships

By photosearth / July 28, 2015

News Writer:  Alyce Nicolo and Wayne Lewis Gordon (PhD ’54) and Betty Moore Credit: Courtesy of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Trustees Gordon (PhD ’54) and Betty Moore have pledged $ 100 million to Caltech, the second-largest single contribution in the Institute’s history. With this gift, they have created a permanent endowment and entrusted […]


Biosphere Collapse: The Biggest Economic Bubble Ever

By photosearth / July 19, 2015

The global environment collapses as in the pursuit of short-term growth, humanity overruns natural ecosystems including the atmosphere that make Earth habitable. Together we urgently address inequity, climate change, overpopulation and natural ecosystem loss or alone we each face the horrors of economic, social, and ecological collapse. “Horrendous inequity whereby a few hundred people possess […]


Alone in the Darkness: Mariner 4 to Mars, 50 Years Later

By photosearth / July 15, 2015

News Writer:  Rod Pyle On November 28, 1964, an Atlas-Agena rocket lofted Mariner 4 from pad 39 at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Just three weeks before, the attempted launch of Mariner 3 failed to deliver the spacecraft into the proper trajectory when the rocket’s fairing would not open to release the spacecraft. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech July 14 […]


New VP for Student Affairs Named

By photosearth / July 8, 2015

News Writer:  Douglas Smith Credit: Lance Hayashida/Caltech Joseph Shepherd (PhD ’81), the C. L. “Kelly” Johnson Professor of Aeronautics and professor of mechanical engineering, is leaving his post as dean of graduate studies to succeed Anneila Sargent (MS ’67, PhD ’78), the Ira S. Bowen Professor of Astronomy, as vice president for student affairs. Shepherd’s […]


Understanding Monsoons

By photosearth / July 7, 2015

News Writer:  Lori Dajose Clouds forming over Mexico during the North American monsoon season in 2004. Credit: Simona Bordoni/Caltech Studies of the global environment are complex, involving interactions between oceans, solid earth, biological systems, and the atmosphere, over time scales ranging from nanoseconds to millions of years. Investigating and understanding these complicated and interconnected systems […]


EcoInternet’s Super Spectacular Year with Plans for More

By photosearth / July 6, 2015

Mid-Year Funding Drive to Raise $ 15,000 for Deep Ecology Advocacy Launches. EcoInternet has never been more effective than now. We are pleased to have come off a super, spectacular year, and are ready for more success protecting the global environment. Over the past two and a half decades EcoInternet has pioneered use of the […]


We Are ALL Mauna Kea: A Sustainable Earth Depends Upon an Indigenist Future

By photosearth / July 2, 2015

How would you feel if foreigners planned to steal your land to build an eighteen story, eight acre telescope on top of your place of worship, burial sites, and water source?! The native re-awakening occurring now on Hawaii may be the single greatest hope for Earth, all her life and peoples. The #WeAreMaunaKea protectors teach […]